The Zorro Dice Game


Gather custom dice and iconic equipment as you thwart scoundrels and duel an epic villain in this quick, light strategy game.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Manufacturing Has Begun!
18 days ago – Mon, Jan 06, 2020 at 07:36:59 PM

Greetings Zorro Candidates,

For those of you who are busy training and completing heroic feats in preparation for the scoundrels and villains that are slithering our way, here is your executive summary so you can skip the rest of the update and get back to it: Things are moving along smoothly and we are still ahead of schedule. Currently delivery estimate: April.


And for the heroes that want more details, keep reading! Since the last update, most of the physical samples were approved and manufacturing on those has begun. We had to make some tweaks to the base game box and meeples and we are still waiting on the sample for the sleeves. 

The bad news is that manufacturing almost surely won’t complete before Chinese New Year commences. Our primary manufacturing plant is closed between January 15th and February 10th. Yes, you read that right: it’s closed for 27 days. Sadly, that is just dead time in the schedule and it means there won’t be much to update you on in the next month.

Nevertheless, we’re still on track for an early delivery, shipping in March and in your hands in April. That means we’ll lock down mailing addresses and charge for anything you ordered or added on through BackerKit in late February or early March. 

Dice Cup Pictures

An Army of Dice Cups
Front and Back
Secret Compartment on the Bottom

That’s all for now. As always, if you have any questions about your particular situation, you can send us a Kickstarter message or email us at

Train hard heroes, the villains are coming. And we’ll be ready.

Clayton and Brian

BackerKit Survey Updates
about 2 months ago – Sun, Dec 08, 2019 at 02:28:49 AM

Potential Zorro Successors!

We have some updates about your BackerKit surveys, so whether or not you completed it, you probably want to at least skim this one. BackerKit surveys are closing on December 14th so this is your last chance to make changes to your pledge and filling out that survey is required to receive your reward.

Deluxe Exclusivity

The deluxe versions of our games have a bunch of Kickstarter exclusive stuff in them, which, if you miss the campaign, can only be acquired by backing a future campaign of ours and hoping we have some left in the pledge manager. So that means you are the only people in the world who have access to the last few deluxe copies of our previous 2 campaigns: New Salem 2nd Edition and Barker's Row

Here's a review of New Salem 2nd Edition just posted by The Game Boy Geek who gives it his highest honor of a saxophone serenade. Find out why he says, "this is one of the best social deduction games I have in my collection." There are still a few left that you can add to your order in the pledge manager.

Changing Your Pledge Level

For those of you who want to add on a dice cup and/or metal dice, it may be a better deal for you to upgrade your pledge to the All the Things level. We've had some questions about how to do that because it's not very intuitive on the pledge manager. You can do it on the first page when you log-in with your Kickstarter email address or at the top of any of the pages by clicking the link for your pledge.

How to change your pledge level

First Day Backer Bonus

For those who backed within the first 24 hours, you'll be getting your free dice cup and we finally figured out how to add it into the BackerKit pledge manager. So if you log-in to your survey again, you can make sure it all looks like you expect. If you have any questions, you can email us at or send us a Kickstarter message.


A quick update on progress: We and the licensor have approved all the print files so we are moving into the physical sampling phase now, which will probably take about a month. We're still ahead of schedule.

More soon,

Brian and Clayton

It's Survey Day!
about 2 months ago – Mon, Dec 02, 2019 at 02:21:51 AM

Greeting potential Zorros,

Thanks to everyone who reviewed the rules and suggested changes to them in the last update, especially you, @Tim! Today we have some important updates about the BackerKit survey that you are required to complete to get your reward.

BackerKit Surveys Incoming

BackerKit Surveys have been sent out, which we realize is about the worst time in the world to do this when your inbox is already flooded with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday deals. But we trust you'll fight through it and make your way to the BackerKit email for Zorro. 

You have until December 15th to make changes to your order in the surveys, but the good news for your holiday budget is that you will not have to pay for anything you add on until just before we ship in ~February. You'll also be able to change your mailing address up until when we begin shipping. If you can't find the BackerKit email for your survey, you can go straight there using this link and logging in using your Kickstarter email address.

There are a limited quantity of our previous games and accessories in there, so the sooner you fill it out, the better selection you'll have. As we've been doing in recent campaigns, the Deluxe and All the Things items are only available on our Kickstarter campaigns and pledge managers and we are only manufacturing enough to cover what you add on here plus a few extras, just in case.

Metal Zorro Dice

The one item we'll highlight are the Metal Zorro Dice. You will get these only if you got the All the Things level, but if you backed at another level, you might want to consider adding them on or upgrading your pledge for these reasons:

  • Having an extra set of Zorro Dice speeds up the game because the current player and the next player can have a set of dice to roll.
  • There is no extra cost for shipping these, no matter where you live.
  • The heavy metal material feels so much like a sword that it's perfect for this game. 
  • Even though they are larger than the standard dice, they still fit in the base game box or you can put them in the hidden compartment of your dice cup if you are getting one of those with your reward pledge.
  • Look how shiny they are!
The die is mightier than the sword.


We've already submitted the print files to the primary manufacturer, which puts us in the proofing phase. In this phase, we need to internally approve the digital proofs and also get approval from the licensor. When we have all approvals, we can begin the process where we get physical samples as a final check. Then once the BackerKit surveys close later this month, we'll send over final order quantities to the manufacturers so they can start mass production. We're ahead of schedule, heroes.

We'll keep you updated with an official update at least once per month and then also with mini updates in the comments of the campaign page. As always, send us questions through Kickstarter messages or by emailing

-Clayton and Brian

Tagline Vote Results, Rules Proofreading, and Feedback
2 months ago – Sun, Nov 17, 2019 at 01:14:07 AM

CAMPAIGN COMPLETE AND FULLY STRETCHED! Thank you so much for believing in us, sharing the campaign in your networks, supporting us in the comments, and trusting us to take it the rest of the way. We don't take this trust lightly and if you ever have any questions, concerns, or comments, we would love to hear from you with a Kickstarter message or an email to

Tagline Voting Results

Now that the funding part of the campaign is over, that means the voting period has ended for the tagline that will go on the front of the base game box. And the winner is........

"The die is mightier than the sword."

Thanks for voting and a big thank you to @Bob for suggesting that one!

Survey on Campaign

To help us improve, we would love to know what you wish we did differently during the live portion of this campaign so we can make our future campaigns better. You can do that by answering this 1 question survey. This survey is NOT REQUIRED to get your reward. 

Rules Proofreading

We would like to humbly request your assistance on this heroic feat where we look through the rules and FAQ for the base game and expansion to identify typos or points of confusion. They are all just a single page, front and back, so it won’t take you too long. The FAQ won't make the most sense when you don't have the cards in front of you, but you can still look for typos. If you find any, we’ll tell Zorro of your prowess and it may give you an edge over the other heroes when he chooses his successor. Here they are:

If you have any suggestions for changes to any of these, it’s probably best to just comment on this update to reduce the number of duplicate submissions, but if you’d like to talk something over with us, you can also send us a Kickstarter message or email

What's Next

Right now, we're touching up the print files and preparing the BackerKit survey that we'll send to you around December 1st where you will give us your mailing address and add on additional items. Note that you will not be charged for items added in BackerKit until right before we start shipping next year so it won't affect your holiday funds. We'll be sending full Updates about once per month and then we'll do mini-updates in the main comments of the campaign page.

Thanks again for being with us from the beginning of The Zorro Dice Game,

-Clayton and Brian

Pledge Level Overview and Tagline Vote
2 months ago – Sun, Nov 10, 2019 at 08:09:02 PM

Greetings potential Zorros!

Today we have an overview of the different pledge levels, some info on the pledge manager we are using, news from the Zorro universe, and a vote for the tagline. We are nearing the end of the campaign now but we are just over $1000 short of unlocking the stretch goal for 8 extra meeples!

Am I Backing at the Right Level?

It's often hard to figure out which level is right for you when backing a Kickstarter campaign, so we're going to go over each one to help make sure you're in the right place before the campaign ends.

  •  Zorro Base Game - If you plan to play this with 2-6 mostly casual gamers or you want to try the base game before considering picking up the expansion, this level is for you.
  •  Zorro Base Game + Expansion - If you want to play solo or with up to 8 players, you want additional strategic depth to play with more experienced gamers, you’re OK with storing everything in the two boxes, and you don't care about fancy components, this is your level.
  •  Zorro Base Game + Expansion: Deluxe - If you want to carry everything in one bag instead of two boxes, you want all the gameplay components upgraded to deluxe versions, and you don't want the metal dice or dice cup add ons, you want to back here.
  •  All the Things - If you want to “set it and forget it” and know that you’re getting absolutely everything at the best price, this is your level. This comes with the add ons (metal dice and dice cup) and you will store everything in the custom Zorro bag.


Very soon after the campaign ends, we will be sending you an invite to a BackerKit pledge manager survey where you will decide if you want to add on any other items to your order and provide your mailing address so we know where to send your reward. You will get the best price if you back now on the campaign, but as long as you back for at least the $1 level, you will be able to upgrade your reward level or add things on later. You will have about 3 weeks after the campaign ends to modify your order in the pledge manager and you will pay for any additions just before we begin shipping in early 2020.

We will have some of our previous titles and deluxe items in the pledge manager, but only for the quantities that we have in our Kickstarter fulfillment centers, so there will not be an unlimited supply and the sooner you fill out your survey, the better your selection. It looks like we won't have the supply to be able to offer Good Cop Bad Cop 3rd Edition in the pledge manager, but don't worry, our next campaign will be for the 3rd expansion to it so you can get it then.

Zorro on Kimmel

Antonio Banderas was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week in full Zorro garb! The first couple minutes are about Zorro and then the conversation gets into other, deeper topics, but it's all really good stuff. Thanks to @WEREDINO for sharing!

New Zorro TV Show

In other Zorro universe news, a new television series is in the works where a decedent of Zorro takes up the mantle herself to carry on the family tradition. Oh man, that sounds AWESOME!

Equipment Spotlight: Medicine

No matter which evil-doer you are facing or which heroic feat you are attempting, Medicine is the cure for what ails you because it lets you re-roll one of your dice on each of your 3 ROLLs. This is usable in every situation, so it's one of the better Common equipment you can get, even though it's not quite as flashy as some.

This one used to be in the base game until we noticed that all the re-rolling slowed down the pace of the game a little bit with more casual potential Zorros. So although we really like this card, we wanted it to be used by more experienced heroes, so we put it in the Equipment Pack. We figure that if you're a Kickstarter backer, you probably know your way around a dice game and it won't slow you down.

the cure for what ails you

Vote for Tagline

And now what you've all been waiting for.... let's talk about the vote for the tagline for the box! In the last update, you gave us 39 suggestions for what it could be (thank you!) and we narrowed it down to a baker's dozen that we think could be a fit. VOTE HERE to tell us which one you think should be on the box. Voting ends right when the campaign ends! Note: It’s possible we won’t go with the #1 vote recipient as we’ll have to collaborate with the licensor, our sales and retail partners, and decide what we and they feel is best, but the more votes something gets, the more likely we will use it.

We're in the final stretch now. Thanks for all your support, everyone!

-Clayton and Brian