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Gather custom dice and iconic equipment as you thwart scoundrels and duel an epic villain in this quick, light strategy game.

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The Latest on The Zorro Dice Game
about 2 months ago – Mon, Mar 22, 2021 at 08:21:39 AM

Greetings heroes!

There's a lot of Zorro news and free stuff below so this is a good one. First off, the second expansion Kickstarter launch date has been announced: May 11th. You can get notified here and see how we're progressing on unlocking pre-launch goals. We're just a handful of followers away from unlocking another ally.

Free Phone Wallpaper

If you want Zorro leaping between your app icons, you can download this free phone wallpaper. It features Loïc Billou's beautiful box art from the new expansion.

Zorro on Tabletopia

You can now play The Zorro Dice Game and its first expansion on Tabletopia! It's free to play there so you can do some training there to prepare to face the more challenging and new scoundrels and villains in the second expansion. Neither Tabletopia nor the Tabletop Simulator implementation has the second expansion yet, but we'll have a way for you to try that soon.

Pull the Pin Agents on the Web

You can now log-in to your Pull the Pin Agents account on our website to check all the benefits you've unlocked (including a discount on future Kickstarter campaigns). Make sure you create your account under your Kickstarter email address so we can link it to what you've backed. Of course you can still check those benefits on the Zorro mobile companion app if you prefer.

Facemask Vote

If you choose to back the campaign for the second expansion on the first day, you're going to get a free facemask! We all hope they won't be needed by the time you get your reward, but I bet they'll still be common at conventions and grocery stores so why not have another one on hand. You can vote for the style you like best by Liking one or more of the 6 options on Instagram (click on the image below and then Like to vote):

Option A
Option B
Option C
Option D
Option E
Option F

Upcoming Events

We're doing more and more events for published and unpublished games. Soon we'll post some for the second expansion but right now you can get a free ticket to a playtest of an upcoming game or play Zorro and the first expansion with us:

  •  Sat, March 27th, 9am [Los Angeles/US Pacific] - Play a Pull the Pin Prototype on Tabletop Simulator - Help us craft a future game we're working on. We have a few in development and we'd love your help! (this requires Discord and Tabletop Simulator)
  •  Sat, April 10th, 9am [Los Angeles/US Pacific] - The Zorro Dice Game with the Creators on Tabletopia - Come play The Zorro Dice Game wtih the game designer(s). This will include the first expansion but not the second expansion. (this requires Discord for audio)

You can join the Facebook group or Discord server if you want first dibs at reserving a seat for future events.

As always, send any questions to use on Kickstarter or email

Good luck out there,

Clayton and Brian

Sticky Heroic Feats Variant
5 months ago – Sat, Dec 19, 2020 at 08:55:41 PM

Happy holidays heroes,

Here's what you'll find in this Ho, Ho, Ho update:

  •  Ho #1: Results of the Scoundrels rule change vote
  •  Ho #2: A new variant for you to try
  •  Ho #3: Update on the second expansion

And if you feel like giving us a Christmas present, you can give The Zorro Dice Game a rating right here.

Scoundrels Rule Change

Thanks for voting in the last update on whether we change the rule around how Scoundrels work. As you can see below, the vote was a tie! 

But we've been playtesting it as we keep testing the second expansion and we've decided to officially make the rule change because we believe it makes for a better game. So now:

Once a Scoundrel is triggered, it stays out until the Villain emerges, just like another Heroic Feat.

Here are the latest rules with this update.

Sticky Heroic Feats Variant

And if you want to try another change as you play more Zorro over the holidays, this time in variant-form, Mr. @David Jackson had a fun idea we're calling the Sticky Heroic Feats variant. Here's how it works:

If you fail at a Heroic Feat (whether attempting alone or while helping), you stay there. At the beginning of your turn, you MUST move, which means you can only choose between the 3 other Heroic Feats instead of all 4.

If another player travels to that Heroic Feat where your character remains because you failed at it, they bump you (and any other players who are stuck there with you) back to your Hideout. They can still ask you to help if they want, but you may decline.

If you are invited and choose to help another player at a different Heroic Feat while your character remains at a Heroic Feat because you failed, you can leave to help them. Then if the attempt is successful, you will return to your Hideout, otherwise you will remain at that new Heroic Feat with that player.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

Update on the Second Expansion

You're probably asking... where's this second expansion you've been talking about, guys? Well, getting it ready for showtime is taking longer than we expected but we’re getting close now. We have renamed it Stunts and Allies to better explain what it adds and to commit to always adding two primary twists to future expansions.

Let's start with the Allies. If you think back to your favorite Zorro TV shows, books, movies, and comics, he usually doesn't go it alone. He usually has at least someone helping him out along the way. That was missing from the base game and first expansion so it's time to add them in the second expansion.

At the beginning of the game, you will be given a random Ally to accompany you on your quest to become the next Zorro. At the end of each of your turns, you'll put your Ally on any Heroic Feat. You're trying to guess where your opponents will be going because your Ally will gain a level if they are on a Heroic Feat that is successfully completed by your opponent. Your Ally will also gain a level when you fail at a Heroic Feat or Scoundrel because mistakes are the best way to learn. If luck is not in your favor in the early game, this will give you a boost to help you keep up with the other players.

When you're choosing which Heroic Feat you want to attempt, you'll see where your opponents have Allies, which makes your decision about where to go much more interesting. Do you go somewhere that has a Feat or Equipment you need even if it means an opponent's Ally will gain a level? Tough call!

So why does gaining levels matter so much? Well, your Ally will have at least one level at which it gains a special and unique power for you to use. Also, if you can get them to their max level, they give you another die to use on your turns! You really don't want to help your opponents unlock that die.

But as with most traditional Zorro allies, they also come with a weakness. Maybe they have an ulterior motive, maybe they are a distracting love interest, or maybe they're just a bit of a bumbling fool. In this game, this comes in the form of one symbol that is added to the requirements of each Scoundrel and Villain you encounter to give you an added challenge. You'll have to balance the benefits of your Ally and mitigate their weakness as you plan your strategy for the game.

But along with the addition of those strategic options, we're also adding some tactical options. Whenever your Ally gains a level, you'll also get a Stunt Token. These Stunt Tokens can be used to either re-roll 3 dice on your turn when you fall short of what you need OR you can use it to switch to a different Heroic Feat in the middle of your turn. Using your Stunt Tokens at the right time might be just the edge you need to be victorious.

Of course we'll be adding a pile of new Equipment, Scoundrels, and Villains as well with this expansion to spice up your decks. If you're craving more strategy, more tactics, more variety, and more interesting decisions to make, this expansion is just what you need. We've already unlocked a bunch of new cards on the pre-campaign page that all backers will get so we'd love it if you follow along and help spread the word. We haven't set a launch date quite yet but it will be in early 2021 so it's not long now.

As always, if you have any questions, send us a Kickstarter message or email and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

Happy Holidays!

-Clayton and Brian

Rule Change?
7 months ago – Mon, Oct 05, 2020 at 02:26:02 AM

Defenders of The PEOPLE,

We have various updates and, most importantly, we have a possible rule change we'd like to run by you.

Fulfillment Update

The orders that went to Canada that were held up in customs were finally delivered so everyone should have your reward now unless you’re in Chile or Peru. The Peru orders have shipped but none of our fulfillment centers will ship to Chile yet.

If you don’t have your reward and you’re not in Chile or Peru, please send us a Kickstarter message or email and we will investigate.

New Rule for Scoundrels?

After such a wide variety of people have played The Zorro Dice Game now, we’ve had some feedback that Scoundrels don’t feel quite right and we’ve heard a bunch of ideas for how they could be changed. Right now, once a Scoundrel is triggered, each player in turn order starting to the player to the left of the person who triggered it, is forced to fight it. And once it is defeated, it goes away. These are the main reasons we’re considering a rule change:

  •  The person who triggers the Scoundrel rarely gets to fight it because someone else defeats it before they get a chance. Sure, they get a Hero Die, but they still end up feeling like it wasn't fair.
  • You might get unlucky based on your seat at the table where you never get to fight a Scoundrel and thus never get a chance at a Premium Equipment.
  • Sometimes a player would rather trigger a Scoundrel or Villain themselves instead of being forced to fight the Scoundrel that someone else triggered.

We are considering these two options for changes:

1). Once a Scoundrel is triggered, it still goes away when it is defeated, but no one is forced to fight it.


  • If you don't want to fight the Scoundrel because you aren't equipped to defeat it or you'd rather go after a Heroic Feat to works towards triggering a different Scoundrel or Villain, you can.
  • The person who triggered the Scoundrel has a better chance at fighting it because others might opt not to fight it.


  • The person who triggered the Scoundrel still probably won't get to fight it.
  • It doesn't solve for all the reasons we're considering a change.

2). Once a Scoundrel is triggered, it stays out until the Villain emerges. No one is forced to fight it, but anyone can whenever they want. You can even fight it multiple times.


  • It allows the person who triggers the Scoundrel to fight them when it gets around to their turn again, which will feel more fair to them.
  • Those who don't "get lucky" by having the player to their right trigger a Scoundrel will still get an opportunity to fight one.
  • It provides a challenge later in the game for those who are doing well. If you get lucky and get some nice Equipment/dice, you can basically defeat any Heroic Feat you want, but this gives you a more challenging option to fight a Scoundrel and improve your Premium Equipment based on your strategy.
  • Just like #1, you're never forced to fight a Scoundrel if you don't think it's best for your game.


  • It provides an option to avoid moving the game towards completion. Everyone could choose to just keep fighting that Scoundrel over and over again if they wanted instead of going for a villain trigger. They probably wouldn't, but in our designs, we normally like making sure the game is always moving towards completion.
  • More people would have Premium Equipment which will mean more people will be able to defeat the Villain and will extend the game length, on average, by a little bit.
  • It's not as thematic for a Scoundrel to stand there and get beaten up multiple times.

So basically, #2 has more pros, but also more cons. #1 doesn't change much and has less of both. Tough call! We could also just not change anything. 

Please feel free to comment on this Update to say how you feel about these, but more importantly, VOTE HERE on whether you'd like us to officially make one of these changes or none at all. We won't decide until at least November so you have plenty of time to play it both ways.

Ratings and Reviews

It really helps us indie creators if you rate and/or review the game anywhere you can, like on Amazon or BGG to help get the word out a bit more.

Zorro Second Expansion

We have been knocking out a lot of pre-campaign stretch goals for the second Zorro expansion where we introduce Allies and additional strategic options. We still haven’t announced when that will launch, but it’s coming! If you haven't followed it, you might as well do so to help add more to the mini expansion that all backers will get. You can also find our more about it here.

Until next time,

Clayton and Brian

Challenging Variants and The Second Expansion
9 months ago – Mon, Aug 17, 2020 at 10:04:36 PM

Potential Zorros!

In this Update, we have some cool variants for you to try as well as some big news about the second expansion. 

Fulfillment Update

Chile and Peru: Shipping here still isn’t possible. We’re hoping one of two fulfillment centers will be able to ship there soon. We'll keep asking them.

Brazil: We were informed that they are shipping out now. You can expect a tracking number very soon. We have given them your CPF numbers for those who submitted those.

If you’re not in Chile, Peru, or Brazil and you haven’t gotten your reward or a tracking number, please let us know through emailing or a Kickstarter message. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Challenging Zorro Variants

We made The Zorro™ Dice Game with the goal that absolutely anyone can play it, no matter their experience with board, card, and dice games. We also designed it to have strategies to keep veteran gamers interested too, especially with the Heroes and Villains expansion, however, we often had to sacrifice some deeper strategies in favor of simplicity. 

If you want to challenge yourself a little more, we have 4 variants you can try (probably not all at once) to add some strategic depth, although we wouldn't recommend using them when playing with newbs or muggles because they generally add difficulty and/or complexity.

Fragile Equipment (originally suggested here): You can only use Equipment once. Use it wisely!

Race Mode (originally suggested here): Put out 2 random Scoundrels and 1 random Villain out from the beginning of the game instead of them being unlocked as the game unfolds. You can fight the Villain any time you’d like to try to win the game, but if you lose, you lose all Hero Dice and Equipment you previously earned, so make sure you’re ready!

Permanent Scoundrels: When Scoundrels are triggered, no one has to fight them. Instead, they just stay out there for the rest of the game for anyone to fight on their turn instead of a Heroic Feat. When they are defeated, they remain out there in case others want to fight them. The reward is still a Premium Equipment. This gives you a harder option late in the game and more opportunities for those who didn’t get a chance to fight a Scoundrel to do so and snag a Premium.

Switching Heroic Feats: At any point on your turn, you may switch to a different Heroic Feat (or Scoundrel if you use the previous variant). However, you must leave a die behind. For example, let’s say you choose to go to Rescue the Barkeep at the beginning of your turn. After your first ROLL, you have not gotten any symbols that will help complete it, but you do have 3 dice that would work towards Recover the Stolen Jewels. Leave 1 die behind that won’t help you, move your token to Recover the Stolen Jewels, keep your 3 dice saved, and use your other 2 dice over your last two ROLLs to try to get the final symbol you need to complete your new Heroic Feat. This adds some complexity, but also some more interesting decisions.

We're considering integrating some of these into the next expansion so we'd love to hear how they work for you.

Pre-Campaign Goals for Second Expansion

Speaking of the second expansion... we’re going to try something new for its Kickstarter campaign. Even though it won't launch until next year, we’re going to try to start unlocking stretch goals RIGHT NOW. If you go to this page, you can follow that campaign on Kickstarter and/or you can sign up with your email address to be notified when we launch. The more follows and email addresses we get, the more promo cards every backer of that campaign will receive for free (similar to the Equipment Pack in this campaign).

Equipment Vote

Thanks for your suggestions on possible Scoundrels, Villains, and Equipment in the last Update, heroes. We’ve got a full ballot of Equipment we might include now… and we’d like you to vote on the ones we put in the this upcoming expansion or a future one RIGHT HERE (you'll be able to see the responses too).

Even though we likely won't add all of these, feel free to suggest the bonuses/abilities that they could bestow upon a potential Zorro in the comments. While you're at it, if you have ideas for Villain/Scoundrel abilities, feel free to share those too. We're playtesting a bunch of them now but we'd love to add more to the pool.

Heroes and Villains Street Date

We've landed on a street date for the first Zorro expansion most of you got, Heroes and Villains. It will be in stores on October 7th. We haven't decided when we'll make Equipment Pack #1 available to others yet so that will stay exclusive to you for a while longer.

As always, if you have any questions that apply to everyone, post a comment, otherwise send us a Kickstarter message or email and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

Until next time,

Clayton and Brian

Got an Idea for an Equipment, Scoundrel, or Villain?
9 months ago – Fri, Aug 07, 2020 at 02:43:15 AM

Potential Zorros!

Thanks for all the kind words everyone has shared in the main page comments. I know the fulfillment portion of this campaign did not go as planned, but it’s really nice to hear your excitement as you finally receive your reward. Today we have various updates, a poll on zip bags, and we ask for your help in brainstorming new equipment, scoundrels, and villains.

Fulfillment Update

Almost all rewards have shipped now except for the following exceptions.

  •  Chile: We still don’t have a fulfillment center who will ship here. We’ll keep checking.
  •  Peru: We still don’t have a fulfillment center who will ship here. We’ll keep checking.
  •  Brazil: The fulfillment center is consolidating orders to Brazil and shipping them in bulk. We don’t have an ETA yet on when they will ship but hopefully not long.
  •  United States: As of this morning, there are only 2 US backers who we haven’t received tracking info for, so these have effectively all shipped now.

If you are not in Brazil, Chile, or Peru and you haven’t received your reward nor a tracking number, you can send a Kickstarter message or email to It's almost surely still making its way to you, but it doesn't hurt for us to check. We will track down an update and let you know.

Dice Tray Storage Secret

@Dallas asked about how to store the deluxe dice rolling mat/tray in the comments and we realized we never revealed that secret to everyone. First, unsnap the tray and lay it flat with the "Z" side up. Then fold it in half in either direction. You will see that the buttons line up perfectly so you can snap them together and the tray is now nicely folded in half. Then you can store it in the base game box or in the carrying bag.

First lay it flat like this, then fold it in half and snap the buttons together

Buying Zorro Add Ons

If you missed out on one of the deluxe components or something in this campaign, you may be able to pick it up as a Late Pledge for our most recent campaign, Good Cop Bad Cop: Promoted, RIGHT HERE. Otherwise you'll be able to complete your collection in the next campaign.

Zip Bags Poll

The custom zip bags in the Deluxe and All the Things pledge were a bit of an experiment as we didn’t know how much or little everyone would like them. That’s why we made them a stretch goal rather than a core part of the reward. 

After you have received your reward, if you backed for Deluxe or All the Things, we would love it if you answered this 1-question poll to let us know how you felt about them custom zip bags. You'll be able to see the results after you answer it to see how others felt and it will help us determine whether we make them in the future.

Custom Zip Bags

Scoundrels, Villains, and Equipment

As we’ve mentioned, we’re playtesting various mechanics and cards for a second expansion to The Zorro Dice Game for next year, and we’d like you to be very involved in how it unfolds between now and then. In the comments of this Update, please submit ideas for the following cards:

  •  Equipment - What are some pieces of Equipment you would expect Zorro (or wannabe Zorros) to have that is not yet in the game?
  •  Scoundrels - What are some groups of baddies who you might see bullying our fellow citizens?
  •  Villains - And which villain masterminds from Zorro movies, comics, or TV shows would you like to meet in the Final Battle?

For those who don't have your reward or haven't opened it yet, here is the full list of what's in the base game, expansion, and equipment pack so far:


  • Antidote
  • Belt
  • Blindfold
  • Boots
  • Bullwhip
  • Cape
  • Dagger
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Ladder
  • Mask
  • Medallion
  • Rope
  • Sack
  • Saddle
  • Sheath
  • Sword
  • Tornado
  • Trap
  • Donkey
  • Fireworks
  • Medicine
  • Mirror
  • Restraints
  • Torch
  • Bandages
  • Carriage
  • Cart
  • Cervezas
  • Dynamite
  • Gemstone
  • Grapple
  • Gunpowder
  • Horseshoes
  • Reins
  • Rose
  • Rowboat
  • Saddlebag
  • Spurs
  • Staff
  • Stirrups


  • Eagle Feather Brotherhood
  • Hypnotized Villagers
  • Zorro Impostors
  • Caribbean Marauders
  • Spirits of the Dead
  • The Enforcers
  • Band of  Bandidos
  • Crooked Garrison
  • Alcalde's Lancers
  • Bounty Hunters
  • Royal Tax Collectors
  • Rebvatos Assassins


  • Jose Sebastian Varga "the Eagle"
  • Lorenzo Lozano the Hypnotist
  • El Conejo the Conman
  • Myatana the Medium
  • Scarlet Fever the Buccaneer
  • Bishop the Gambler
  • El Cuchillo the Bandido
  • de Soto the Alcalde
  • Luis Ramon the Commandant
  • Valentina the Spur
  • Gabriella Martinez the Emissary
  • Orellana the Capitan

You don’t need to include the ability for them yet -- we’ll be asking you for ideas for those in a future update. For now, just the name. Please comment below!

Thanks all!

Clayton and Brian